Privilege Minutes Time Bank

In order to emerge victorious from weekday morning battles with my children, I arm myself with three essential weapons:

  1. a strong pot of coffee
  2. a timer
  3. a laminated time bank chart

There is no stronger incentive for getting my kids moving  on sleepy school day mornings than the promise of guaranteed screen time on the weekends. To light a fire under my little sleepyheads, I set the timer for routine tasks like getting dressed and making up the bed; eating breakfast; and brushing teeth, putting on shoes, and packing backpacks.  Any minutes left on the clock after the task is completed get added to their time bank to be used on the weekend for computer time and video games.

The fun part is tracking the minutes they rack up. Simply click on the link below for a printable Time Bank grid. Laminate or insert into a plastic page protector and hang it on the fridge or bulletin board. They love checking off the boxes with a dry erase marker and watching their minutes add up. My kids have a maximum amount of time they can earn, so on weeks where they fill up the entire chart, I reward them with a special outing or non-screen privilege in addition to the minutes they earned.

My Time Bank


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