Mommy/Daddy To Do List

You’re rushing to get dinner on the table before soccer practice, the phone is ringing, there’s a kid-sized brawl erupting in the living room and  your little one picks this less-than-ideal moment to request that you change the batteries in the annoying talking Barbie or dancing Elmo! “Later” you say, but then you forget all about it when later comes, and so the scenario repeats itself night after night.

If your kids are old enough to write, make it their responsibility to add these requests to your To Do list for you! Of course, this won’t help when you’re hoping they will forget what they requested, and there are some things that may just conveniently disappear from the list. But kids need to feel like their requests are taken seriously too, and being able to tell you what to do from time to time may give them a new perspective on the importance of following through on someone else’s request.

Simply click on the link below, print out the PDF and laminate it or insert it into a plastic page protector and hang on the fridge at kid level. Just be sure they know which markers (dry erase only) they can use to write on it.

Mommy/Daddy To Do List


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