EasyPeasy QuickTip #4: Carpe Occasionem! (Seize the Opportunity!)

Seize the Moment

If you are anything like me, you have a gazillion little household tasks that are too-often neglected. Things that would take about five minutes or less to complete, but just aren’t high enough on the priority list to be remembered until your disgust or frustration with the results of having neglected them for so long forces you to take action. Often, you are in the throes of some other project when this occurs, so the trick is to make note of them as you think of them and use the little pockets of available time you have (the ones you don’t consciously acknowledge and probably deny that you have) throughout your week to accomplish them. Keep the list where you can easily add to it the next time you notice something that needs doing.

Before you say it, yes you do too have pockets of available time, especially if you have a spouse or kids who are never ready when it’s time to go somewhere.

Here are a few items on my list to help get you thinking:

  • Change a lightbulb
  • Clean out the silverware tray (Where do all those crumbs come from anyway?)
  • Wipe fingerprints off the doors, kitchen cabinets or banisters
  • Hang a picture or a hook
  • De-clutter the junk drawer
  • Replace the stock photo that came in that picture frame with someone you actually know
  • Re-fill the soap dispenser, toilet paper holder, salt and pepper shakers, sugar bowl, or ….
  • Empty/clean the crumb tray in the toaster
  • Clean the coffeemaker
  • Wipe the grime off the top of the refrigerator
  • Clean the mirrors or TV screen (Make sure you use the appropriate cleaner on your TV screen)

You can also keep a separate list in your phone or your purse for things that you can do while waiting for an appointment, such as making a grocery list or menu plan, writing a thank you note, or reading that thing you set aside to read later. And speaking of reading, store all those “I’ll read it later” papers that come into your home in a tote bag that you can grab on your way out the door so that you can make the most of your wait time away from home.

Aliquid magnum ex parva! (Click here for translation)


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