Real Men Don’t Ask for Directions

I find it ironic that my husband will drive around, lost, for ages without stopping to ask for directions but will not stray from a recipe calling for a dried herb we don’t have. Conclusion: Most men are good at following specific instructions as long as they don’t have to ask for them.

So when it comes to keeping the house organized, assign a home for everything, make it easily accessible (’cause you know nothing will get put away if something else has to be moved first), and label, label, label! Whatever you do, don’t require him to figure out where to store something unless you’re okay with it left on the floor at the foot of the bed.

Granted, there are some men who are very organized by nature, and if you’re lucky enough to have one of them at home, you should be out buying him a GPS instead of wasting your time reading this post!


2 thoughts on “Real Men Don’t Ask for Directions

  1. How right you are, Valerie! I happen to be blessed by being married to a man who is very organized by nature…but boy, does he ever need a GPS if he’s venturing into unknown territory! 🙂

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