Keeping It Real with Martha Stewart

You’d think her stint in the big house might have put the domestic goddess back in touch with mere mortals like us, but a quick perusal of organizing tips on her website indicates otherwise. So I’ve taken the liberty of modifying some of her ideas to appeal to people like me who have limited time, money, and–to put it bluntly–patience for her hoity-toity bullcrap.

Martha says: Make a handy canvas tote with lots of pockets by sewing a carpenter’s nail apron… (she lost me at “sewing”)
EasyPeasyLiving says: Buy a gardening tote. They have lots of pockets and often come in cute patterns.

Martha says: Create cute little calendar labels for your freezer bags out of my adorable clip-art files that will use up most of the ink in your printer cartridge. This way you will know by when you must consume the contents.
EasyPeasyLiving says: Write the date by when you should consume the contents right on the bag with a sharpie.

Martha says: Laminate a “To Do Before I Go On Vacation” list on card stock, punch with eyelet puncher and attach with decorative ribbon to your luggage so you don’t forget to do anything before you go away. Laminating means you can re-use the card next time you go on vacation.
EasyPeasyLiving says: Tape your handwritten “To Do”  list to the front door so that you see it before you walk out the door instead of when you are checking your luggage at the airport. By the next time you are lucky enough to get away, you are sure to have a completely different set of tasks to do before you go.

Martha says: Spend a little time creating stylish organizing tools that you can show off to all your friends. All those superficial little details will let them know you care about impressing them. It’s a good thing.
EasyPeasyLiving says: Spend the time and mental energy you save by being more organized on enjoying and laughing with your friends. It lets them know you care about them. It’s the real thing.


6 thoughts on “Keeping It Real with Martha Stewart

  1. That is hysterical!!! Amen sister! I could not have put it better myself. Life should be based on keeping things simple so we have more time for family and friends. If I feel I have to impress my friends with material things then I am basing my friendships off of the wrong characteristics. Keep bringing it simply to us!!! Wished I lived closer I would SO have you help me organize!!!

    • Thanks, Kim! You have inspired me with the creative ways you express the love in your heart through your numerous gifts and still have time to give it back to the Giver. Keep on keepin’ it real, sister!

  2. OMG – LOL
    Valerie – I love it!!!! I have NEVER been a Martha Stewart fan. I think YOU should be the one with the TV show giving us excellent, real-world, down-and-dirty (well, not exactly “dirty”), get-it-done tips, in a way that doesn’t make us feel like failures because we can’t do it the way Martha does. I definitely like the Easy-Peasy way better.

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