Some Closet Organizing Advice for John Edwards

Let’s face it, the purpose of a closet is to hide all the stuff you don’t want messing up your everyday lives. Otherwise you’d put it on a bookshelf or hang it on the wall. John Edwards understood this and spent a boatload of donor money trying to hide his dirty laundry. The problem is, there was so much of it that it wouldn’t all fit, even in his big, walk-in closet.

He might  have saved his marriage, his dignity, and possibly even his campaign if he’d created smaller spaces within the big space to accommodate items of varying sizes. This can be achieved using a combination of door hooks, shelves, bins or baskets, and even furniture,  such as a chest of drawers.

Following this basic organizing strategy wouldn’t have made John Edwards any less sleazy, but it might  have spared the rest of us from having to see his filthy skivvies.


One thought on “Some Closet Organizing Advice for John Edwards

  1. Clever parallel…..and humorous. Thanks, Val. I’m wondering if there are closets in white-collar prisons. Hmmm.

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