Riding the Easy Peasy Current

Okay, I will admit that there are days when living does not  feel so easy peasy. You know the ones I mean…where the simplest tasks just seem to take so much extra effort, and worries about work, family, money, health or the future weigh on your soul, threatening to pull you under the current of daily life. I’m having one of those days today, in fact.

Sometimes we are so busy swimming as fast as we can to keep up that we forget to enjoy the water. We allow our fears of encountering a big shark to prevent us from noticing all the tiny colorful fish and the playful dolphins. Okay, I think you get the picture. Corny ocean metaphors aside, the point is that life’s beauty is mostly found in the details. Sure, it’s important to have big picture goals and dreams, but that picture will be pretty bland and boring if you omit the fine points.

It is on those dark days, when I feel like I’m drowning and despair starts to take hold, that I find myself desperately searching for the tiniest clues that life really is worth the effort of living. It is then that I become more keenly aware of the awesomeness of the nature that surrounds me and begin to appreciate the small kindnesses of the strangers I encounter which would normally go unnoticed. I become more grateful for even the littlest gestures by friends and family that allow me to really feel their unconditional love.

That friendly store clerk who goes the extra mile to help you, the neighbor who cuts your grass for you unasked, the child who draws you a picture, the sister who calls you to share a cute story about her grandchild just to brighten your day without even realizing how dark it was, the beautiful flowering bush in your front yard that reminds you of a lost loved one…I prefer to think of each of these as little love notes from God. But whatever your beliefs, these little details are not just clues that life is worth living…they are the point of living at all. A stable job, good health, a firm financial foundation, a solid future, and yes–even organization and efficiency– are not the point of life…they are but tools to help you enjoy the real thing and the vehicle by which you can help others enjoy theirs. Remember that each of us has the opportunity to play the role of lifeguard for someone else when we become the store clerk, the neighbor, the child, the sister, and even the flowering bush that elicits beautiful memories, if we just take the time out of our busy day to do it.

So next time you’re having a not-so-easy peasy day, slow down a bit and just enjoy the water…you just may find that it feels pretty good in here!


6 thoughts on “Riding the Easy Peasy Current

  1. Yep! We, God’s creations, are His “boots on the ground”……the essence of your chosen career path. You inspire those around you, in spite of our seeming resistance.

    • Thanks, Peggy. It is so important for us to be each other’s cheerleaders. We each have unique gifts to share.The picture cannot be complete if even the smallest puzzle piece is missing. Our local TV morning news station does a “Morning Person” segment where viewers can nominate someone they know who brightens their day in the way I mentioned in this post. Many of the winners were store clerks, bus drivers, or maintenance workers with infectious positive attitudes. I love seeing how average, everyday folks can have such an impact on those around them just by looking outward and upward. It inspires me to be more like them!

  2. Right on, Val. Love notes from God come unexpectedly, isn’t it great. Like this one just received from you. Hang in there…that rainbow is going to shine more brightly because of the light shining into the backdrop of dark and difficult days.

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