Storage Inspiration from Pinterest (Re-Post)

Storage Inspiration from Pinterest.

I am re-posting this photo for two reasons:

  1. It comes from a fellow I’m-still-trying-to-get-the-hang-of-this-WordPress-blogging-thing blogger who shares my own geekish excitement over organizing. ( Who knew there could be two of us?!!
  2. This photo illustrates that you don’t have to invest beaucoup bucks in matching containers and storage units to achieve that same tidy, organized visual peace in your closet that you covet from many a Pinterest pin or sleek home decorating magazine. This is especially true when working in a closet, since you’ll be closing the door. Make use of what you find around the house before you go investing in all those matchy-matchy bins and baskets. If the system works and you want to (and can afford to) upgrade later, go ahead…AFTER you have taken a test drive first! And this approach has the added bonus of being able to put those items to good use instead of stashing or trashing them.

Sidenote: I love putting dressers inside closets whenever you don’t have hanging clothes to obscure them. It keeps the closet more organized and provides all the storage benefits of drawers without the added footprint of a dresser in the room itself. Whoever said a closet has to have shelves instead of drawers anyway?


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