Opening Doors to Organization

There are some organizing tips that seem like they should be really obvious to everyone…once you’ve seen them in place. All of those “why didn’t I think of that?” moments are the obvious solutions that were right under our noses the whole time. This one isn’t unique or new, but I am always surprised at how many people have not thought to implement it in their own homes yet. I’m talking about utilizing that prime real estate behind closed doors…literally. Back-of-the-door hooks, towel racks, spice racks, food wrap organizers, shoe organizers, even ironing boards…they are all readily available in any store that sells home goods. But are you making use of these big bang-for-your-buck solutions?

Take those shoe pocket organizers, for example. You don’t have to be Imelda Marcos to cash in on this one. The ones with clear pockets are especially good for being able to easily identify the contents and hold everything from cleaning supplies, gardening tools and seeds,  small toys, arts & crafts supplies, personal hygiene products and just about anything else you need to organize.

Wish you could buy all those spices you use almost daily in bulk quantity from warehouse stores like Sam’s Club but think you don’t have enough storage space in your pantry? Think again. A back-of-the-door spice rack is a cook’s dream, with adequate and highly visible storage for spices, vinegars, oils, and baking ingredients. No more rummaging through your spice cabinet in the midst of your already-rushed dinner prep.

I live in Montgomery County, MD, where they have recently adopted a new “bag tax”. All retail establishments are now required to charge customers five cents per bag for their purchases unless the shopper provides his own bag. Now everyone owns lots of tote bags and shopping bags, but where to store them once you’ve brought them inside to unload? I keep mine on hooks inside the coat closet door along with my purse and umbrella, so I can grab and go as I head out the door.

One of my clients mentioned that she had no towel storage in her tiny bathroom and was forever getting caught without a towel when stepping out of the shower. A hook for a towel or bathrobe inside the bathroom door was the perfect solution!

Take a look around your house. Chances are good that you too have secret space lurking behind closed doors. And best of all, whatever you are storing will be kept out of sight when you shut the door, so go ahead and hang that skeleton on a door hook…they’ll never know!


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