How Long Do You Need To Keep Records?

How Long Do You Need To Keep Records?.

Nothing spells doom to a once-neat filing system than an over-filled filing cabinet. Are you drowning in papers because you aren’t sure whether or not it’s safe to toss those old receipts and bank statements? Click on the link above for a handy guide from…better yet, print it out and post it in your home office, or wherever you file your important papers, as a quick reference guide. Then get to shedding and shredding those no-longer-needed yet sensitive personal documents.

With Earth Day fast approaching on April 22, many communities will be hosting FREE paper shredding events. Call Shred-It’s toll-free number (877-607-4733) to find a community shred event near you. If you are here in the Washington, DC metro area, you are in luck because NBC4 and PNC Bank are partnering with Shred-It and holding a Community Shred event this weekend, on March 24. (

Happy Shredding!


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